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CIDB BIM Fundamental Modelling Courses:


Elevate your buildings design using BIM techniques and let your creativity awe your clients. Integrate relevant information in the model with ease. Suitable for Architects, Draftsmen, Town Planners, Contractors, Lecturers and students.


Design your structural components in BIM with ease in this module. Collaborate your structural design with architect from beginning. Recommended for Civil and Structural Engineers, Draftsmen and Contractors.

(Roads and Highways)

Create existing ground from survey drawing and design your road alignments, superelevation and corridor according to JKR and REAM specification embedded in the BIM Model. Great course for Civil and Road Engineers, Draftsmen and Contractors.

Mechanical and Plumbing

Suitable class for Mechanical Engineers, Contractors and Draftsmen. Design ACMV, Domestic and Sanitary Piping and Fire Protection System in BIM according to specifications. Performing clash detection between components can never be simpler.


Model your 3D electrical and lighting fixtures in BIM with few mouse clicks. Plan your cable tray and conduit routing to avoid clash with other disciplines in just few days. Design your ICT and networks in 3D easier with BIM. Suggested course for Electrical Engineers and Contractors.


Collaborate and coordinate your design between multiple disciplines in BIM. Create customize parameters to suit your needs. Perform clash analysis virtually to reduce wastage in the real project. Suitable for Project Manager, Contractors and Engineers.

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CIDB Certified BIM Courses

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