CIDB BIM Courses

CIDB BIM Architecture

CIDB BIM Fundamental Modelling for Architecture module focuses on developing the technical competency among participants in modeling, managing construction information, and extracting design deliverables using 3D parametric tools.

CIDB BIM Structure

In CIDB BIM Fundamental Modelling of Structure, the participant will be taught how to create customized structural families, quantifying materials by creating schedules and quantities. Finally, the participants will learn how to annotate, tag, and label the BIM 3D structural model.

CIDB BIM Infrastructure (Roads & Highways)

In this CIDB Fundamental Modelling of Infrastructure (Roads & Highways), the participants will be exposed to the basic tools and hands-on guide on roads and highways with design requirements from ATJ or REAM embedded in the software.

CIDB BIM Mechanical & Plumbing

CIDB BIM Fundamental Modelling of Mechanical & Plumbing (M&P) focuses on developing technical competency for a user to execute in practical, hands-on delivery where the participants will be exposed with Revit interface and function, modelling the Air Condition & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV), Fire Protection System (FPS), Cold Water System (CWS), and Sanitary Plumbing System (SPS).

CIDB BIM Electrical

CIDB BIM Fundamental Modelling of Electrical covers the modelling of electrical parts such as setting up the project template, link CAD drawing and editing family, adding conduit connector, electrical fixtures, lighting fixtures, ICT, and telecommunication components.

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