AutoCAD Civil 3D

Course Description

A 4-day AutoCAD Civil 3D Training in Kuala Lumpur for a solid grounding in creating, editing, and labelling all civil engineering project elements.

This course covers the fundamental concept of BIM in an infrastructure project, and more specifically, in roads and highways. The participants will be introduced to BIM Authoring Tools and Managing Survey Data. They will also acquire skills in creating a surface, road alignment, vertical alignment, superelevation, assembly and subassemblies, corridor, intersection and cross-section views. The participants will get familiar with design collaboration and will be able to produce plans and reports. This AutoCAD Civil 3D Training takes place in Kuala Lumpur and includes a 4-day programme that lasts 8 hours per day — 32 hours in total.

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Why you should take our AutoCAD Civil 3D course?

You will learn the processes to produce, use, and analyse 3D BIM Infrastructure (Roads & Highways) models

You will present 3D models that can be easily understood by many people

You will develop technical competency in managing construction information and extracting design deliverables

Become an AutoCAD Civil 3D Expert with this Practical Training Course!

You will be directed and taught how the elements of this dynamic engineering software work.

What sets us apart?


We have been providing continuous support for nearly 10 years for our participants to ensure that they acquire skills in road design and road construction.

Career Opportunities

Оur Civil 3D training starts with the very basics and guarantees further professional development. We provide superior and well-written models suitable for beginners.

International Standards

We would be honoured to know that participants from our courses are modelling and improving various road and highway models for Malaysia and other countries.

Further Development

The purpose of all our courses is to train the participants and develop their skills to reduce the occurrences of common problems experienced during a construction project when using conventional methods.

Applicable Methods

Our clients will be able to apply for professional certification or to apply their knowledge in daily professional practice.

Many Success Stories

We are responsible for the training of more than 500 participants from multiple industries, such as JKR Malaysia, Sunway Constructions, JKR Sarawak, Putrajaya Holdings, and many more.

Course Syllabus

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days of comprehensive software training
Assessment and certification
Hours of detailed hands-on classes

Learn at UTNM for our BIM Courses with our hands-on experienced trainer.
Our aim is to ensure you understand and fully capable to operate the BIM related softwares.

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Produce and provide relevant designs such as drawings and materials for professional use, with our help.

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