Revit MEP

Course Description

А 6-day Revit MEP Training in Kuala Lumpur to learn the fundamental modelling tools and concepts of creating and editing a full 3D project.

The course will take a total of 6 days, and it covers the basics of designing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. 4 of the days are dedicated to Electrical OR Mechanical systems (participants have to choose) and 2 days to plumbing. All participants will learn how to use project files and templates in the following chapters: Electrical/Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Workflow.

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Why you should take our Revit MEP course?

You will create MEP systems for the use of construction documents and construction coordination.

You will implement workflow strategies in Revit MEP for effective use of the software.

You will learn how to enable worksharing and how it can be implemented in larger projects.

Develop Your Knowledge & Skills with Our Revit MEP Training!

You will be proficient in creating MEP systems in 6 days.

What sets us apart?


Our trainers provide continuous support for engineers to ensure that they are capable of using Revit MEP effectively and flawlessly for every BIM project.

Career Opportunities

In just 6 days, participants will be taught all the functions offered by the Revit MEP. With high-quality and well-written models suitable for beginners, this training is a real career opportunity.

International Standards

Our courses are meant for people involved in the construction industry and looking to explore the more advanced methods of documenting a building's MEP systems, following domestic and international standards.

Further Development

Our trainers have the goal of not just teaching all participants the basics of this type of software but also helping these participants develop and effectively use their knowledge in real projects.

Applicable Methods

Our clients will be able to further their education after getting a professional certification or to apply their knowledge in daily professional practice.

Many Success Stories

More than 500 of our participants have succeeded in multiple industries like JKR Sarawak, JKR Malaysia, Putrajaya Holdings, Sunway Constructions, and more.

Course Syllabus

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Our aim is to ensure you understand and fully capable to operate the BIM related softwares.

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