The Best BIM Consultation Service For Your BIM Project

UTNM BIM Consultation is not just a mere consultation, but it is a one-stop solution for your BIM project. Our experienced BIM Consultant will ensure that you deliver the highest quality of BIM projects.

Our BIM Modeller, BIM Coordinator, and BIM Manager will transform your project from AutoCAD to LOD 300 and up to LOD 500.

Consulted by a highly skilled and also expert BIM Consultant, your next BIM project will truly become phenomenal.

One-stop BIM Consultation Service

As one of the BIM Consultant in Malaysia, UTNM mission is to assist architects, engineers, contractors, and client so that BIM can be deliver successfully on their BIM project. 

UTNM BIM consulting services are more than just doing 3D BIM model, but act like one stop solution to your BIM project consultation need. Our BIM Consultant will guide you on setting up your own BIM unit, recommend suitable BIM software and compatible hardware within your budget, make your company BIM ready and also create your own BIM template.

You can also outsource your BIM modelling work and have our highly experience BIM Modeller draw it for you. By utilizing our expertise in BIM, it can reduce your initial cost of purchasing the hardware, software and also time to train your man power to implement BIM.

Whether you are an architect, structural engineer, M&E consultant or even contractor, let us help you on your next BIM project. From understanding JKR BIM tender requirements to how to deliver project according to JKR BIM standard, you can rely on UTNM excellent BIM Consultation service as your BIM consultant.

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How BIM Consultation can help you?

To many people who is not yet exposed to Building Information Modelling (BIM), incorporating BIM into their project might seems to be hard, tedious and even costly. Not many people know that by implementing BIM into their project, it can reduce the overall project cost, improve delivery time, mitigate clashes on site and deliver higher quality project. 

So why not invest a little to implement BIM and save a lot more on your project costing? With our BIM Consultation, our BIM Consultant will assist you thoroughly and ensure that you deliver the best BIM project.

As one of the leading BIM consultant in Malaysia, UTNm is invited to Bandar Malaysia with JKR and CIDB.
Courtesy visit to Bandar Malaysia with Unit BIM JKR and CIDB to discuss on how to implement BIM in Bandar Malaysia project.
Our Lead BIM Consultant is explaining about BIM to Minister of Work
Courtesy visit to JKR Sabah with ABM Sabah

Most preferred BIM Consultation in Malaysia

BIM Architecture Consultation

From massing to LOD 300, LOD 400 and LOD 500, UTNM BIM consultation for architecture will model your building according to the tender requirements based on your architectural drawing. We also provide custom family modelling services.

BIM Structure Consultation

UTNM BIM Structure Consultation provides 3D BIM modelling services for structural elements. Our BIM consultation includes modelling of structural elements for LOD 300, LOD 400 and LOD 500 based on the AutoCAD drawing provided by the client.

BIM Infrastructure Consultation

BIM Infrastructure consultation will help to create existing ground from survey drawing, design road alignments, super elevation and corridor according to JKR and REAM specification. Utilizing the powerful tools embedded in Civil 3D and Infraworks, we can help your next BIM highway project.

BIM Mechanical Consultation

Designing ACMV, Domestic and Sanitary Piping and Fire Protection System in Revit according to JKR specifications can be tedious for beginner. You can rely on UTNM BIM Mechanical Consultant to guide and assist you to model BIM Mechanical from LOD 300, LOD 400 up to LOD 500.

BIM Electrical Consultation

Modelling cable tray and conduit routing to avoid clash in 3D is quite hard before, but now we can do that easily in BIM. With UTNM BIM Electrical Consultation, our BIM Modeller can help design your power, lighting, ICT and networks in 3D easier in BIM Electrical Model.

BIM Checker Consultation

UTNM BIM Checker Consultant will collaborate and coordinate BIM model design between multiple disciplines and perform clash analysis for you to avoid wastage on site. Apart from that, we will check and evaluate the quality of the model, parameter and information embedded to ensure that it is up to required specification.

No time to read all of this? Get our awesome BIM consultant to explain this to you.

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